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Things to Know Before Buying Labradoodle Puppies

Labradoodle puppies are not just a dog rather they are family dogs. This means that they can give one the best time ever in the world. The fact that they love playing and socializing with people make them a great companion when one is stressed, sorrowful or is going through the worst time in their lifetime. Families love adopting or buying different puppies to have them within their home surrounding and in most cases those with children. Labradoodle puppies are not only perfect fit for children but also make best with adults. When it comes to buying such type of puppies one need be careful and gather relevant information from the breeders or owners before taking them home. Having the puppy medical history, breeding information as well as any other crucial information relating to it helps one have a healthy dog and save one from much stress. Therefore one nees to be aware of the following before buying labradoodle puppies.

Type of coat. It’s crucial to know the type of coat the puppy has before deciding to buy it. Basically this breeds has three types of coat which are straight, wavy and curly. Straight coat puppies shed most hair, wavy labradoodle puppies do not shed heavily and curly labradoodle puppies do not shed at all. In this case labradoodle puppies are highly avoided by breeders and even buyers dislike them. Due to allergic reactions, it’s crucial to choose labradoodle puppies that do not shed heavily or do not shed at all. This gives one a healthy and good time while around the puppy.

Size comparison. Labradoodle puppies also come in varying sizes including medium, standard and miniature. If one wants to pet a particular size it’s essential to seek more information from the breeders to at least have the desired size that one wants. In this case one need to give a description of what size they want the puppy to have. Although it there is no complete surety that the labradoodle puppy will grow as per the required size, it’s important to ask such information from the breeders before buying.

Extra loving dogs and playful. It’s good to note that labradoodle puppies are very playful and hungry for one’s love. Upon getting such love they do not miss having quality time with one from work. In this case they tend to have much fun and will play with one for long. Therefore individuals who are always moody should not consider buying labradoodle puppies. This is due to the fact that they will be bored with such playing and get irritated more often. In addition this gives the puppy tend to have an atmosphere that is not condusive for their playing.

Lives long. Labradoodle puppies tend to have a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. It’s good to note that they suffer several health problems like ear infections. Therefore it’s good to ensure that one gives them high quality dog food to help them live a healthy and long life.

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