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The Questions You Should Ask Any Groomer Before Entrusting Your Dog to Them

Grooming may not be at the top of your mind when you think about taking care of your dog’s health, but it is just as important as feeding it correctly, getting it regular exercise, and taking it to the vet. An expert dog groomer can do more than just make your pet look good; they can also perform important health-related tasks like clipping your dog’s nails, cleaning his ears, and brushing his teeth.

The first thing you should do to find a great groomer is to do some legwork: talk to people you know and trust for suggestions, and use the internet to look for groomers in your region. Once you’ve found a few potential groomers you like, nothing beats meeting them in person. You can learn a lot about the individuals you are entrusting your precious pup with from the responses they offer and the manner they explain your worries. There is no requirement for a good-cop/bad-cop setup or interrogation lighting. You should feel confident leaving your dog with someone else after asking only a few reasonable questions.

Dog Groomer Interview Questions. Can I have a tour of your establishment? What do you think? In your opinion, how does it smell? You should check that the salon has adequate ventilation, that the workstations are clean, that the tables and tubs appear to be of good quality, and that they offer pet-friendly products. Consider whether or not you would feel safe leaving your dog there. Can you tell me what else it is that you do besides brushing, shampooing, and cutting hair? Your dog’s anxiety may increase due to your own nervousness, but it’s natural to want to watch the first time around. It’s also a great chance to keep an eye on your dog’s demeanor in preparation for future visits.

Experts suggest looking for a groomer with experience with your particular breed because certain breeds have unique grooming requirements. Ask if they are familiar with the breed standard and if they can give your dog the proper haircut. Groomers might acquire their knowledge through internships and shadowing programs. However, there are many who choose to learn the trade by enrolling in pet grooming schools. Consider the groomer’s level of expertise, training, and experience. Do not be afraid to ask about any concerns you may have regarding your dog’s health.

It’s crucial that your dog is protected from harm when you’re not around. It’s important to know where your dog will stay when it’s not getting its nails clipped or its fur cleaned. Your dog needs his own crate where he can relax in peace while still being in sight of the salon staff and enjoying the fresh air and clean bedding. You pray it won’t be necessary, but you have it nonetheless. In addition, the first aid package needs to be easily accessible. You should also find out if there is always someone on staff who is trained in first aid. It’s not something we normally think to inquire about, but if your dog is hurt while in the groomer’s care, knowing that they have liability insurance can put your mind at ease.

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